Pike fishing

There are approximately thirty five or so lakes around the Delta Jct. Area that are accessible for fishing from the Silver Fox Roadhouse. The majority of these lakes can be accessed by vehicle. Some require a short hike, and others require an extended hike or 4 wheeler, or river boat . There are also a few that are remote and require an airplane. The majority of these lakes or ponds are smaller than fifty acres, but they can range from one to three hundred acres in size. Ninety three percent of these lakes are along the road system. Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game has an ongoing stocking program in these lakes to take the pressure off of some of the local streams which can become over-fished and deplete the native fish. Arctic grayling and rainbow trout are the two main fisheries that are being protected. Many of the stocked lakes will have these two species in them. In addition, other species stocked in these lakes and available to anglers include Arctic Char, Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, and Sheefish.

Pike fishing Pike fishing

Pike are one of the species that are only accessible in a remote lake. There are a couple of outfitters in the area which provide transportation services to pike fishing. One of the charter operators working out of the Silver Fox Roadhouse provides transportation, private guest cabins, home cooked meals, and fully guided fishing services. This fishery is one of interior Alaska's premier waters for Northern Pike. Moose, Black Bear, Eagles, and Beaver are a few species of wildlife often encountered on such charters. The pictures of Jessie and Jason Splain with pike are just a small sample of the total catch. We only kept a few for dinner. The fishing action is non-stop and can wear down even the youngest fishermen. It is a fun family adventure.




Pike fishing



Pike Fishing

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